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Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

From July 1st 2020 (for new tenancies) and April 1st 2021 (for all private rented accommodations) it will be mandatory for landlords in England to have electrical installations checked at least once every five years. A Satisfactory DEICR certificate will now be required to meet these new regulations.

Our team are trusted by property management companies, private landlords and business owners alike. We guarantee a speedy turnaround from inspection to satisfactory certification. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) testing can also be arranged. We will arrange for reminder calls to be made to you 1 month before the PAT certificates expire and 2 months before the EICR certificates expire. This ensures that you will always be fully compliant.

If you’re a new home buyer considering a property purchase, a DEICR could save you lots of money, as it will highlight any issues, allowing you to decide whether to go ahead or factor in electrical repairs in your negotiations.

We recommend every property’s electrics are tested and certified periodically, even if it is your own residence, with the frequency depending on the building’s age, use and general condition. Or at least every 10 years for domestic.

rewiring - Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report

What are the tests for?

  • overloaded electrical circuits
  • potential hazards within the electrical installation
  • defective work
  • lack of earthing or bonding
  • condition of the fixed wiring of the installation
  • fuse or circuit breaker ratings
  • RCDs trip correctly under fault conditions

How does it work?

Our tests go beyond a simple visual inspection. Our machines test the complete integrity of the electrical circuits to the latest 18th edition wiring regulations.

What do the results reveal?

You’ll receive a full DEICR certificate and a written report with our findings and details of any remedial works required. These will be presented in order of importance, along with a breakdown of costs and a recommended timescale to complete. You should receive your report within three working days.

Remedial Works

If any issues are highlighted, once prices have been agreed, our team of expert electricians can rectify them quickly and to a high standard ensuring a speedy turnaround time from testing to Satisfactory certificate being issued.

Domestic Electrical Installation Report (EICR) for Homebuyers and Owners