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To help you estimate costs, we’ve created this simple and clear price list of our standard day rates and job-to-job charges. We’re confident that you’ll find our prices are competitive, but if you have any queries, please contact us here.

Standard Rates

Charges per Electrician Mon-Fri
1st hour charge £85 £90
Charge per ½ hour thereafter £42.50 n/a
1 day (8hrs max) £450 £500

Service & Pricing

Your emergency lighting needs annual testing.

Each job will require an individual quote based on the number of fittings in your business or home.

Prices start at £225 plus VAT.

The EICR, or ‘periodic inspection’, is recommended every five years, or at the change of tenancy or a household occupancy.

All electrical circuits deteriorate over time, so we’ll ensure yours is in excellent working condition and that it meets the certificate’s minimum requirements, giving you peace of mind.

£95 plus VAT (studio-1 bed) property.

£130 plus VAT (2-bed) property for up to 10 circuits on a fuse board.

£150 plus VAT (3-bed) property for up to 10 circuits on a fuse board.

£200 plus VAT (4-bed) property for up to 10 circuits on a fuse board.

£235 plus VAT (5-bed) for up to 10 circuits on a fuse board.

Whilst there we can look at the other works you want to have done and include prices for those works within the report we email back to you after the inspection.

Additional circuits are charged at £20 per circuit.

Additional fuse boards are charged at £25 plus VAT.

The only additional charges are parking, ULEZ and congestion charge costs (if any) and VAT.

Prices may vary depending on your area.

Larger properties and commercial premises will require a quotation, as sampling may be required.

The EICR, or ‘periodic inspection’, is designed for commercial and industrial installations, and is recommended every three to five years.

All electrical circuits deteriorate over time, so we’ll ensure yours is in an excellent working condition and that it meets the certificates minimum requirements, giving you peace of mind.

Commercial premises will require a quotation produced after an initial survey, as described above, as sampling may be required.

We’ll run a wide variety of tests on your emergency lighting system, and provide you with a detailed review.

This includes the inspection of documentation, the identification of any non-compliance issues, a simulated test to check for faults or replacements, and a detailed report covering what we’ve tested, any defects, and how to fix them.

Prices start from £225

We’ll run an in-depth analysis and test your fire alarm system, and provide you with a detailed review and a 6-12 month certificate upon passing.

This includes the inspection of documentation and records, the identification and correction of any non-compliance issues, a silent simulated fire alarm test to check for faults, and a detailed report covering what we’ve tested, any defects, and how to fix them.

Up to 20 devices

20-30 devices
£150 – 250

Prices may vary depending on your area.

HMO’s, communal areas, small shops, and office spaces usually have up to 20 fire alarm devices.

Larger commercial properties such as restaurants, dental practices, and care homes are likely to have a much larger number of devices, and will require us to inspect your business and system to provide you with an accurate quote for our PPM services.

To comply with the latest 18th edition wiring regulations, old fuse boards should be replaced with new Residual Current Device (RCD) protected metal Consumer Unit (CU) installed with surge protective devices (SPDs) and A Type RCDs or RCBOs.

Type A RCDs/RCBOs protect against AC and DC fault currents.

Each job will need to be priced on an individual basis, as there are multiple factors, including the ease of installation and conversion, that can affect the price. We usually request that a couple of pictures be WhatsApped or emailed over to us. We can usually give a firm quote after seeing the pictures.

Typically, these projects cost approximately £650 + VAT for up to a 10-way split load, dual RCD CU.


  • Prices exclude VAT, materials, ULEZ, parking, and congestion charges (if applicable).
  • We charge a minimum of 1-hour on all call-outs, and per half hour after that, until you’re happy that the job is complete.
  • Out-of-hours rates are subject to change and are quoted on a job-to-job basis.
  • Half hour charging does not apply to out-of-hours work.
  • Our prices are based on one engineer only, or by the minimum number of engineers required to complete the project. Multi-engineer jobs will be priced individually.
  • Prices may vary based on your location.
  • If we need to purchase extra materials, we only charge for 1-hour max to purchase supplies. A mark-up is applied to goods supplied by Cre8.
  • We require payment at the end of each day for callouts that require more than 8 hours.
  • Central London rates are £160 + VAT 1st hour, £90 + VAT per hour thereafter up to max £500 plus VAT for an 8-hour day.
  • Any plumbing work will be carried out by our partners, Plumbminto’s Ltd, who will provide their own warranties, terms, and conditions. Plumbminto’s hold their own, independent public liability indemnity insurance. We will not represent Plumbminto’s for any litigation and will not be held liable for works carried out by them.
  • Our work comes with a complete customer satisfaction 6-month  guarantee and with a full six-year NICEIC warranty.
  • Equipment supplied comes with their own manufacturer guarantees, therefore if any fittings go wrong within that time they can be replaced at no cost, however, any labour charges will be chargeable.

Daily rate cap:

Our daily rate cap is designed to give you peace of mind. It means you’ll never pay more than the agreed daily rate for labour within one continuous 8 hour day, and gives you better value for money than 8 hours charged at our standard rates.

Electricians mate:

An ‘Electrician’s Mate’ is not a qualified electrician, but they can assist a qualified electrician on complicated jobs.

Some projects will require multiple tradespeople to ensure their safety. These jobs could include installing large, heavy light fittings on high ceilings, or where cables are installed in complex systems with multiple bends, and intricate pass-throughs.

It can also reduce the cost to the customer, having an Electrician’s Mate on-site instead of a second fully-qualified electrician. We will always inform you before the project begins if an Electrician’s Mate can assist, and give you a choice. Additional charges vary and will be priced on a job-to-job basis.

We want to make sure you’re happy before we leave. That’s why we request that someone is available at the end of each project to approve our work, and to pay the final invoice at signoff. Unfortunately, if nobody is available to confirm the job is complete, an additional call out charge will be applied, including additional charges for any changes that you may require unless already agreed.


All of our estimates are free of charge. And we don’t just project costs, but we’ll give you our best estimate of the project timescales, based on experience. However, these are only estimates, and every job is unique, so prices are subject to vary. But don’t panic, we’ll always keep you up-to-date, and notify you of any changes straight away.

Written quotations:

If you require a written quote, we’ll send an engineer to your site to get a better understanding of your project. They’ll then plan the timescales, consolidate the costs, and deliver your estimates by post or email.

Like all of our estimates, this service is entirely free. If we’re providing a written quotation for insurance purposes, the service is charged at our standard 1-hour fee. However, this fee is removed from the final invoice if the quote is accepted.

Payment Terms:

We will request payment for each project upon its completion, or on specified dates that we’ll agree.

Invoices will be clearly broken down, and all payments must be settled in full on receipt of our invoice.

We accept credit card, cheque, or cash payments. Bank transfers are only accepted if previously agreed.
Failure to make payments on time will be subject to admin charge of £15.00.