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Electrical Testing and Inspection South London


Electrical Testing and Inspection South London - Electrical Installation Condition Report

Our Cre8 Electricity team are experts in Test and inspecting services in the South London Area. These are often known under many different names eg:

Who should have Electrical Testing and Inspecting in South London?


For all private rented accommodations, it is now mandatory for landlords in England to have electrical installations checked at least once every five years. A ‘Satisfactory’ Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report Certificate will now be required to meet these new regulations. At Cre8 Electricity our experts are on hand in and around the South London area to meet these requirements. 

Commercial properties:

Commercial properties need to have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) carried out every 5 years.

New home buyers:

If you are buying a new property, we would highly recommend that you have a Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Reports (DEICR) carried out before you purchase the property. It could well save you thousands of pounds. This is because after the inspection we deliver back to you a full detailed written report, highlighting any issues and giving prices to rectify them.

Doing this before you buy, will enable you to either use it to barter off the cost of the highlighted repairs or at least go into the sale with your eyes wide open as to the condition of the electrics and the possible budget you need to allow for. 

At Cre8 Electricity, we will make the process as painless as possible by dealing with the estate agents etc and arranging access and dates and times to carry out the inspection.


Yes, even if you should have this done it is recommended that this be carried out every 10 years for your own home. Only about 10 per cent of an electrical installation can be seen visually. We have special machines and a sequence of tests that can test the integrity of the cabling that you can’t see, therefore going way beyond any visual inspection.

Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Reports South London

The problem with electrics is even if it has been installed badly with no fundamental for safety it could well still work, but in the event of a fault, if these things are not in place, it can be harmful or even fatal, and unfortunately, you won’t find out until it’s too late. However, if you have regular Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Reports (DEICR) carried out. These tests will detect any issues that you otherwise would never have known about.

For more information on Electrical Testing and Inspection get in touch with one of our experts at Cre8 Electricity today.