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Price Guide

We are confident that you'll find our prices displayed here clear and competitive however if you have any quires please do not hesitate to contact us.

Half Hour Rates: Our minimum charge is 1 hour charge covering you for up to 1 hours work. This charge has two variations, one for Inner London and one for outer London. From then on we charge on a half hourly basis as set out in our price list. These prices are based on one engineer only unless a trainee is with them or unless a job requires 2 or more engineers on site, that being the case this would be agreed before hand and the price adjusted accordingly.

The only additional charges are materials, congestion charge and parking costs (if any).

Materials: We always seek the lowest price on materials and a maximum of a 1 hour fee is charged if collection is required.

Day Rates: Day rates are for a maximum of an 8 hour day and are based on our hourly rate exceeding 5 hours. Therefore if you are on an hourly rate charge you will only be charged up to that maximum 5 hours which then comes under our day rate charge and is cheaper than a full 8 hours at the hourly rate. For longer running jobs our reduced day rates are applied.

Electricians mate: An electricians mate is a person who is not a fully qualified electrician but can assist a qualified electrician on difficult jobs. Because they are not qualified, usually training, we do not charge them out at our full rate rather at our electrician mates rate. There are some jobs where either for safety reasons eg: installing large lights in high ceilings, or for ease and speed of a job which would ultimately reduce the cost to the you the customer of having to pay extra hours created on difficult cable runs with lots of cables or involving many bends, holes to pass through etc, where an engineers mate is required or would be advisable. In these cases we would always inform you the customer before hand or give you the choice.

Estimates: All estimates are free of charge. Where possible we will always give you an estimation of expected timescales per job based on our experience, however these are only estimations as every job is different due to the varying different types of buildings/ locations encountered and the different problems each new place will produce.

Written quotation: If you require a written quotation an engineer will be booked in to call out to your site and a written quotation then produced and sent to you via email or post. This service is completely free unless we are asked to do a written quotation for insurance purposes, then for this service we do charge a ½ hour fee however if our quote is accepted then this fee will be deducted from the final quote, thus making it a free quotation too.

Payment Terms: All payments must be settled in full on receipt of our invoice and our invoices will be clearly broken down. All invoices shall be paid in full by credit card (3% surchage applicable), cheque or cash to the engineer. Failure to do so may incur an admin charge of £15.00. Limited companies and PLC must pay invoice in full within 30 days upon receipt of invoice.

Terms & Conditions: All estimates, quotes and work carried out are in accordance to our terms and conditions please read.

For your free no obligations quote contact us free today on 0800 644 4886 / 07939 443 643 or mail info@cre8electricity.com



Prices vary depending on location. Please contact us to check prices in your area. For a guide to our prices please see below.
Prices below exclude VAT, parking costs/congestion charge & materials if any.



Outer London

(8am - 5pm)

Inner London

(8am - 5pm)

Charges per Electrician
1st hour charge £70 £75
Charge per 1/2 hour thereafter £35 £37.50
1 day (8 hours max) £360 £360
Charges per Electricians Mate (if required)
Charges per 1/2hr £12 £12
1 Day (8hrs max) £180 £180

For Rewires please refer to our rewires price section.
For Structured Cabling (Cat5e/6) please refer to our Structured Cabling (Cat5e/6) price section.
For Outhouse/Garage Power please refer to our Outhouse/Garage Power price section.
For Fuseboard replacements please refer to our fuseboard replacement price section.
For CCTV installations please refer to our CCTV price section.

Eletrical Installation Condition Reports/ Periodic Testing

Service Mon-Sat
(8am - 6pm)

Property Type (Fixed)

Stuio Flat


1 Bedroom House/Flat


2 Bedroom House/Flat


3 Bedroom House/Flat


4 Bedroom House/Flat


5 Bedroom House/Flat


Please click here for our Emergency Electrician fast response service charges:



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