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Cre8 Electricity offers a fantastic range of CCTV products to cater for residential and businesses customers alike in and around the London area, with great service and highly competitive prices. All our installations are carried out by fully qualified engineers.

Residential CCTV

Ever Suffered From Internal or External Theft Or Vandalism? No need to check outside if you hear strange noises day or night. Let your fingers do the walking, see without being seen, watch without taking risks.

Small Discrete Cameras Can Detect & Catch The Most Illusive Vandal or Thief. This means that you never need to leave the comfort and safety of your own armchair. Callers and intruders are displayed and recorded on your own TV, DVR and now with state of the art technology even on your laptop, computer or mobile phone. Meaning you can keep track anywhere at any time. You can then choose to ignore them, answer the door or call the police. Ideal for people with property, cars, garages, caravans, families and people living alone.

Business CCTV

Bars, clubs, shops or offices. Need to keep up with latest licensing requirements, keep track of staff, or need to capture good quality pictures that can be used as evidence against shop lifters, burglars etc then we are sure we have the products and expertise to suit. With our great range of cameras, discrete or obvious and DVRS with days of recording time and fully network able, we're sure we can find the solution. CCTV camera

Live CCTV Images on your mobile*.

Using the latest Smart phones (Symbian, Windows, Blackberry and now IPhone), you can connect to the alienPro Lite DVRs using a mobile phone and see live images.

Connect from anywhere in the world and watch live or recorded images on a standard PC or laptop with free remote monitoring software supplied.

We look forward to hearing from you on freephone 0800 644 4886 / 07939 443 643 or mail info@cre8electricity.com.


Price Guide

The prices will vary slightly depending on how many cameras you require, what type of cameras, what type of DVR you choose and ease of installation, therefore we would advise that a site survey is carried out to establish all of these things before hand. Site surveys are free and usually take about 1 hour.

However for an approximate price:

1: Decide how many cameras you think you would need.

2: Select desired cameras from our range of cameras and add this cost.

2: Select the DVR that is suitable for the amount of cameras you require and the amount of storage/recording time needed from our range of DVRs and add this cost.

3: Then allow our installation cost. We charge our installation costs at our standard day rates, please see our price guide page for further details.>

To give you an approximate idea on installation times, to install a basic CCTV system with 4 cameras usually takes a day. However every premises is different and whilst 4 cameras around an average 3 bedroom house or in a small shop may only take a day, 4 cameras around a church or a castle may take longer :

4: We do charge materials on top, these could include power supplies, cable, cleats, trunking etc however we only charge cost prices for these items.

However if you require a fixed price then we will gladly carry out a site survey to establish all of your requirements before hand. Site surveys are free and usually take about 1 hour after which we will produce a written quotation which will be sent to you via email or post. This service is completely free.

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